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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need qualifications before I enrol for courses at the Institute?

The Foundation courses are open to anyone who wants to study ethics and improve their thinking skills. In order to take a second level course (IPE 201 and upwards) you need either:

a) to have passed one of the Foundation courses


b) a qualification that shows you have an understanding of ethical reasoning (for example, a philosophy degree or an appropriate school qualification). If in doubt please contact us to see whether an accelerated foundation programme can be tailored for you.

What skills and knowledge do I need to take a Foundation course?

Ethical issues are everywhere in life and we have to deal with them on a daily basis. Because everyone is already familiar with the issues, all that is required is interest in thinking more deeply about the problems and possible solutions, and the desire to gain new skills. Because our online environment is highly flexible we are able to tailor the learning experience to suit a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Is the Institute Accredited?

We are not currently accredited but we are in discussion with potential partners. We are connected to 15 international universities within the Institute of Practical Ethics network. We are appointing an Academic Advisory Board

Each course takes 10 weeks - is there a quicker option?

Yes. For busy businesses we offer a one week intensive programme. Intensive programmes at other levels may become available, subject to demand.

Are there discounts for groups of students - for example, school classes or professional teams?

Yes. The more students that enrol the cheaper the fees become. Please contact us for details.

Do you offer post-graduate qualifications?

We intend to do so. By completing 3 courses in addition to the Foundation course, plus an 8,000 word dissertation, it will be possible for students to gain a Post-Graduate diploma in Practical Ethics. We are currently seeking accreditation for this programme from one or more of the universities that use our technology and learning tools. 

Can I enrol at any time?

Currently our programmes begin on the first of the month, bi-monthly. If you want to be a member of a group that starts together, works together and finishes together then it is recommended to join a cohort.

However, we do offer a guided learning programme for individuals who wish to commence at any point.

What if I do not reach the required standard?

The Institute offers Certificates of Competence and Merit, according to the level and quality of engagement in our courses. If a student does not reach the required standard he or she will receive a Certificate of Participation so long as she has reached a minimum level of engagement.

Do you offer refunds if I choose not to complete or am unable to do so?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds. If a student is unable to complete a course for reasons beyond his or her control - for example due to sickness - then we will offer the student the opportunity to continue to study in a later cohort.