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About the Institute

The Institute of Practical Ethics offers online courses to universities, professional organisations, schools, young people, adult learners and businesses. We use the best elements of traditional education coupled with powerful thinking tools and networked communities.

We teach ethics as a practical skill.

From the very first week students confront tricky decisions and dilemmas, and are encouraged to offer their own solutions to them using our many thinking tools. As soon as they respond they have in-depth access to the reasons and values of their fellow students and are prompted to debate extensively, facilitated by our expert tutors.

The Institute of Practical Ethics awards a Certificate of Competence or a Certificate of Merit for every course. On successful completion of study, each student is able to remain connected in their cohort and can post issues and debate with any other student in that cohort for life.

The Institute of Practical Ethics provides online learning tools to 15 universities in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Kazakhstan.

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