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28 Apr 2015 1 Respondent
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By Amanda Lees
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UK broadcas ter  Jeremy Paxman   has launched a scathing attack on  Russell Brand’s controversial ‘no vote’ stance .

The British broadcaster, known for his aggressive interviewing style with politicians, encourages everybody to align themselves with a party ahead of the   General Election  ne xt Thursday.

“I think it really matters. I’ve no sympathy whatsoever with people who say, ‘I don’t vote’,” he told   Radio Times , despite admitting eighteen months ago that he did once abstain.

Paxman, 64, is firmly against the view pushed by comedian Brand, who has announced that he “ain’t registered” to vote and encourages people to follow him in protest of what he sees as a flawed democratic system.

“I’m just astonished anyone would take that position seriously. It’s the position of an idiot,” Paxman said.

“On the whole I’m in favour of the state getting out of people’s lives, but I would not have a problem with voting being made compulsory. But if you did that, you’d have to have a box for ‘none of the above’.”  www.independent.co.uk/news/people/general-election-2015-jeremy-paxman-calls-russell-brand-an-idiot-for-his-no-vote-stance-and-supports-compulsory-voting-10207832.html  

With an election just over a week away in the UK, it seems a good opportunity to consider Jeremy Paxman's argument that voting should be compulsory. Already mandatory in Australia, yet voluntary in NZ and the UK - is a compulsory voting policy necessary in your country?

Where do you stand - and why?

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It is proposed that voting in the general election should be compulsory in our country